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Mexican Rice Bowl – Top 8 Free

This recipe for Allergy-Friendly Mexican Rice Bowl is simple, filling, and is Top 8 Free! Usually when I find Top 8 Free recipes, I worry that they will not be satisfying enough for my 6’7 husband – he needs as much protein and filling that he can get. However, I am happy to report that […]


Allergy-Friendly White Bean Soup

This recipe for Allergy-Friendly Italian White Bean Soup is simple, filling, and is Top 8 Free! I have to say that I am not the biggest fan of soups – I always envied people that were fortunate to have those thick, creamy soups in bread bowls. The soup that I am used to eating (not […]


Top 8 Free Spinach Mushroom Quinoa

Having nuts and dairy completely eliminated from my diet, my protein options are limited. While I am a meat-eater, I can definitely get tired of turkey sandwiches for lunch, and chicken for dinner. I truly miss the days where I could have string cheese or yogurt for snacks. Nuts were never an option for me, […]


Top 8 Free Stuffed Peppers

My Top 8 Free Stuffed Peppers are free of ALL 8 major food allergens, but in my opinion, you wouldn’t even notice. This recipe has many benefits to it. First, it’s a quick recipe, which I greatly appreciate. While I love to cook, I like to have dinners that are quick and simple. Second, this […]


Roasted Lime Cauliflower

While my first two recipe posts were sweets, I thought I would post a recipe for a quick (and healthy) snack or side! This recipe works great for people with allergies (no nuts, dairy, eggs, gluten, etc.), but is delicious enough for anyone to try. Sunday nights are spent cooking enormous amounts of chicken and […]

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