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Allergy-Friendly Goulash (with a kick!)

This recipe for Allergy-Friendly Goulash (with a kick!) is simple and tasty! This is one of my favorite go-to recipes for mid week meals. With ground turkey, whole wheat pasta, and veggies, the hubby and I stay full! This is also a meal that I like to cook when we host friends and family. Even […]


Mexican Rice Bowl – Top 8 Free

This recipe for Allergy-Friendly Mexican Rice Bowl is simple, filling, and is Top 8 Free! Usually when I find Top 8 Free recipes, I worry that they will not be satisfying enough for my 6’7 husband – he needs as much protein and filling that he can get. However, I am happy to report that […]


Allergy-Friendly White Bean Soup

This recipe for Allergy-Friendly Italian White Bean Soup is simple, filling, and is Top 8 Free! I have to say that I am not the biggest fan of soups – I always envied people that were fortunate to have those thick, creamy soups in bread bowls. The soup that I am used to eating (not […]


Top 8 Free Spinach Mushroom Quinoa

Having nuts and dairy completely eliminated from my diet, my protein options are limited. While I am a meat-eater, I can definitely get tired of turkey sandwiches for lunch, and chicken for dinner. I truly miss the days where I could have string cheese or yogurt for snacks. Nuts were never an option for me, […]


Top 8 Free Stuffed Peppers

My Top 8 Free Stuffed Peppers are free of ALL 8 major food allergens, but in my opinion, you wouldn’t even notice. This recipe has many benefits to it. First, it’s a quick recipe, which I greatly appreciate. While I love to cook, I like to have dinners that are quick and simple. Second, this […]


Allergy-Friendly Lapsha (Russian Noodle Soup)

I am very fortunate to have grown up with a wonderful Russian grandmother that always cooked delicious Russian food for us, and am even more fortunate that my mother has continued this tradition. My family moved to the street where my mother grew up when I was 5 years old, and I got to live […]


Dairy-free Waffle Iron Turkey Melt

For this recipe, I must give credit to my husband, who creates and makes these turkey melts perfectly. This meal is inspired by a recipe I came across in a food magazine that I was not able to replicate exactly. Although the recipe had multiple allergens, I loved the fact that they used a waffle […]


Nut-Free Pesto Pasta with Tomatoes

My Pinterest is made up of thousands of pins, and while about half are recipes, not all are allergy-friendly recipes. I often come to realize that the allergy-friendly recipes I find on Pinterest are very complicated, or use ingredients that I can’t find at the Target across the street, let alone my own pantry and […]


Simple Allergy-Friendly Chili

Living in Los Angeles, we do not get much of a shot at cold weather or a winter season, so I jump at the times the weather dips below 75 degrees to turn on the stove and cook. Now that we’ve had a couple of cooler weeks, I cooked up a big pot of this […]


Simple, Allergy-Friendly Cranberry Sauce

I have to be honest and say that the cranberry sauce has never been my favorite part of the Thanksgiving dinner. My family has always served the canned cranberries, and some members absolutely love it. Knowing that my husband loves his cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving, I thought I would try to make my own sauce […]

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