Enjoying Fairs, Carnivals, and Festivals with Food Allergies


To a person with life threatening food allergies – places like fairs and carnivals can be pretty overwhelming. I just got back from the Orange County Fair, and I must have walked past hundreds of people with chocolate bananas covered in peanuts, Reese’s donuts, and bags of peanuts. Safety is extremely important, but I also want to have fun!

Mom. Dad. Josh. Hubby. (Just missing Henry and myself).

Here are a few of my helpful tips to help you stay safe and enjoy your day:

  1. Grab a map. Take a look at a map or sign to locate Information and First Aid. It is helpful and important to be conscious of where to look for help. Especially better to know before you need them.
  2. Check out the food options. I have eaten at the Hot Dog on a Stick booth for years at the Orange County Fair. I always order a corn dog, fries, and a cherry lemonade. The workers have always been very courteous and helpful with my allergies – plus it does not feel like the greasiest, fattiest food option. I like not feeling sick after I eat lunch 🙂 For dessert – I enjoy cotton candy or Dole Whip! It is helpful to locate a few safe places to depend on and return to for years to come.
    Lunch – Corn Dog with Fries

    Dessert – Dole Whip (YUM)
  3. Pack some antibacterial wipes (or make a few trips to the restroom to wash your hands with hot soap and water). There are obviously a lot of people eating foods that could be dangerous to people with food allergies – so it is important to make sure to stay clean and eliminate any possible germs or contamination.
  4. Have fun and enjoy! As we were nearing the end of the day, my mom commented “It’s a good thing we can’t eat everything here…” I love that my mom has always had a positive perspective with our food allergies.

    Instead of seeing all of the options of food that we could not eat, we focus on the fact that our allergies keep us healthier and more conscious of the food that we put into our bodies.

    Of course, we also understand the safety issue, and would LOVE to not worry about death by peanuts. We walked past a giant nut stand with a woman passing out toffee peanuts, and my husband asked me “How does it feel to walk that close to death?” So no, it’s not fun. But I would rather be safe and positive than fearful and stuck at home.

How do you enjoy the fair?? Please comment below!

Hubby’s Lunch
Hubby’s Dessert (I stole a few bites too…)
Cute little farm pigs 🙂

I’m Caitlin! An allergic mama :) I’m raising two boys while continuing to navigate life with anaphylaxis. I’m excited to share recipes, reviews, and helpful hints with you!
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    Wonderful information! Thank you!! ??

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      You’re very welcome!

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