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Owen 2 weeks old

Owen & Allergies: 0-2 Weeks

This blog post includes information on the first two doctor appointments we had for Owen within the first two weeks of him being born. If you are new here, the purpose of these posts are to document my journey, as an anaphylactic mom, raising my son Owen. You can read my first post in this […]

baby owen in swaddle

Owen & Allergies: Intro

This is the first blog post I will be sharing as I document my journey, as an anaphylactic mom, raising my son Owen. I have yet to find any information or stories about mothers with anaphylaxis raising babies and their journeys. I am excited to share a unique voice and perspective in the allergy community […]


5 Food Allergy Resolutions to Ring in the New Year

Here we are on New Year’s Day again, feeling full, exhausted, and thinking about all of the changes we need to make with the start of the year. I have to say, however, that I am not the biggest fan of New Years’ resolutions. I feel that people tend to make outlandish resolutions, and set […]


Cha Cha’s Latin Kitchen

Cha Cha’s Latin Kitchen is my new favorite, allergy-friendly restaurant for date night. My husband and I have tried to make it a point to keep date nights going since we’ve been married (turns out work, groceries, errands, and other married life stuff can kind of get in the way of that). My favorite newlywed […]

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