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6 Tips to Keep the Allergic Child Safe in School

The start of the school year can be an exciting time: the smell of fresh pencils and crayons, recess with friends, and new ideas to learn. As a parent, it is important to focus on and encourage excitement in your child with the new school year. This, however, can be very difficult for families with […]


Salt Creek Grille

Located right by the ocean in Dana Point, Salt Creek Grille is my new favorite, allergy-friendly date night spot. Now, let me paint a picture of a beautiful evening at the Salt Creek Grille: You may enjoy the complimentary valet parking, step out of the car, and breathe in that heavenly salt-water air.¬†As you walk […]


The Cottage

When you have any dietary restrictions, it can be very difficult to find places to eat when you are out and about. Restaurants can be difficult to work with, ingredients can be added, menus can be changed, and that can lead to quite the headache in trying to find somewhere to sit down and have […]

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