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Six Tips To Enjoy Wine Tasting with Food Allergies

Being a part of the food allergy community, I have found that there are many resources for parents of young children with food allergies -which is wonderful! But what happens when these little ones grow up? I hope to be a voice that can lend some advice and help not only for young children and […]


6 Tips to Keep the Allergic Child Safe in School

The start of the school year can be an exciting time: the smell of fresh pencils and crayons, recess with friends, and new ideas to learn. As a parent, it is important to focus on and encourage excitement in your child with the new school year. This, however, can be very difficult for families with […]


5 Tips to Fight Food Allergy Bullies

I so clearly remember standing on the playground with a little boy standing a foot away from me, waving his peanut snack in front of my face. “Caitlin, look! I can kill you with this!” As a small, shy elementary school girl, I would not stand up for myself when I was bullied for my […]

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